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II Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam II

To prolong life and promote perfect health.

From millions of years cows were always worshiped in India and their status of mother was raised to the level of Goddess. Therefore, the cow is considered sacred, as it provides us life sustaining milk. The cow is seen as a maternal figure, a care taker of her people. The cow is a symbol of divine bounty of earth.
It is considered highly auspicious for a true devotee to feed a cow , even before eating breakfast oneself.
Throughout the Vedic scriptures there are verses which emphasize that the cow must be protected and cared for. Our mission at RBR is not only to provide fresh cow milk but to also improve the breed of native Indian breed cow “Gir”.


RBR organic Products brings to you pure desi cow milk, its milk products and vegetables from our self operated 100% organic farms to your Kitchen.

Milk is the way of your life and your health is our top most priority. RBR farms is a very honest, simple and pursue a pure thought of providing vedic DESI cows A2 milk without any adulteration direct to the consumer’s kitchen in Delhi/NCR, the way we did it in the past. To ensure the highest standards of quality we have developed a farm where happy and healthy cows live in a resort like facility which conforms to international standards. Ventilated sheds, compost bedding, clean drinking water round and clock ensures our cows at comfort in all seasons.